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Cookie Sets


We have cookies for every occasion...and some you've never thought of before!  Take your time and look over our list.  To order, click on the Home page and select the Order tab.

Boy Birthday Set:  Whether he's 6 or 60, the way to a boy's heart is with cookies.  A set of cupcake shaped cookies with blue frosting, airplanes, sailboats, trains and turtles.  Something for every age, this set will make him feel special on his birthday.

Girl Birthday Set:  Sugar and spice and everything nice.  That's what these cookies are made of.  Specially decorated for girls of every age.  This birthday set has crowns, cupcake shaped cookies with pink frosting, sundresses and high heels.  Make her feel like a princess with this special gift.

Spring Set:  April showers bring May flowers.  Feeling down about a little rain?  Don't worry, these cute mini cookies will turn that frown upside down.  Included in this set are butterflies, flowers, tulips, umbrellas and watering cans.

Summer Set:  Summer is coming!  hot days, warm nights.  What better way to relax than with a tall lemonade and some delicious mini cookies?  This set has beachballs, flowers, ice cream cones, palm trees and watermelons.  So stay inside and enjoy some treats.

Happiness Set:  Someone having a bad day?  Things not going well for a friend?  These delicious cookies are sure to brighten someone's day.  This set includes mini flowers and mini happy faces.  They're sure to start smiling with this gift.

Insects/Bugs:  Ever wanted to eat a caterpillar?  Sound gross?  Now you can, without the gross factor!  This bug set includes butterflies, caterpillars, dragon flies, flowers and ladybugs.  Surprise your little one when you give him a plate of bugs to eat!

Father's Day:  Is your dad tired of getting ties for Father's Day?  Surprise him with these delicious and fun mini cookies.  He'll love this set of airplanes, baseballs, basketballs and sailboats.

Mother's Day:  Haven't our mothers always done nice things for us?  Now it's our turn to do the same.  Make her day special by sending these hand decorated mini cookies.  This set includes dresses, flowers, hats, high heels and tulips.  Make Mom proud.  Buy her something delicious.

Noah's Ark:  This is the perfect gift for someone you know having a baby.  This set includes beautifully decoratec arks, bears, elephants, giraffes and lions.

St. Patricks' Day:  Looking for a magical treat?  could there be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?   Enjoy our St. Patrick's Day themed mini cookies.  In this set are clovers, rainbows and gold coins.  Treat your self or someone you know to these delicious cookies.

Valentine's Day:  Give your someone special a delicious and unique treat.  Our mini heart cookies are individually decorated by hand.  Special frosting techniques create wonderful starburst effects.  A wonderful way to tell someone you're thinking of them. 

Tea Party:  Having a tea party?  What goes better with mini cucumber sandwiches than some mini cookies?  These are sure to impress the ladies.  This set includes hats, high heels, and tea cups and tea pots.

Baby Set:  Is a friend or family member expecting a baby?  Or maybe someone you  know already had one?  We have a wonderful baby themed set of mini cookies for you.  The set includes an assortment of baby carriages, bottles, bibs, ducks and baby onesies.  We offer them in pink, blue or yellow.  what a delicious way for everyone to welcome a new little one.

Easter Set:  The Easter Bunny's hopping down the bunny trail.  Don't forget to order some of these delicious and cute Easter themed cookies.  This set includes eggs, bunnies, carrots, chicks and easter baskets. 

Wedding Set:  Plans for a wedding coming up?  We know it's a very special day and are happy to create some specially themed mini wedding cookies for you.  We have wedding cakes, hearts and bells.  We can match any color you want.

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